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> > > Lynn Weddle and Anya Ustaszewski: Living Portraits

Living Portrait expands the dimensions, shape and context of portraiture through the collaborative ventures of photographer Lynn Weddle and sound artist Anya Ustaszewski. This gentle subversive, exploration will arrive at five beguiling living breathtaking portraits of young carers embedded with the subtlest of sounds. To be premiered at Brighton Media Centre Gallery as part of Brighton Photo Fringe at the Media Centre Gallery from 14th to 19th October 2014.

Exploring the compromise between participatory work and Art

21 April 2014


photo of artist Lynn Weddle, photographed on a path in the countryside

We are currently questioning what moving from a participatory to an artistic approach means for us as individuals? There is a real tension. As experts in participatory practice we are keen to ensure that we bring to the project good facilitation, comfort and safety: fine tuned skills developed over the years and something that really matters to us both. We've been trialing the process with ourselves and people we know and trust before we take it to our subject group, with interesting...

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