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> > > Lynn Weddle and Anya Ustaszewski: Living Portraits

Living Portrait expands the dimensions, shape and context of portraiture through the collaborative ventures of photographer Lynn Weddle and sound artist Anya Ustaszewski. This gentle subversive, exploration will arrive at five beguiling living breathtaking portraits of young carers embedded with the subtlest of sounds. To be premiered at Brighton Media Centre Gallery as part of Brighton Photo Fringe at the Media Centre Gallery from 14th to 19th October 2014.

The Chosen

27 July 2014


‘How are you going to choose?  Will it be the best looking…..?’  Hayley, Young Carer in selection workshops Telling the young people they had been successfully selected felt brilliant. We were both surprised that they got back to us straight away. Why were they so enthusiastic we wondered?  In short, they were flattered having gone through selection process – that adeptly involved them, met their lives in a contemporary, playful,  playing on selfie...

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