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The Chosen / 27 July 2014

‘How are you going to choose?  Will it be the best looking…..?’  Hayley, Young Carer in selection workshops

Telling the young people they had been successfully selected felt brilliant.

We were both surprised that they got back to us straight away. Why were they so enthusiastic we wondered?  In short, they were flattered having gone through selection process – that adeptly involved them, met their lives in a contemporary, playful,  playing on selfie way.  One participant asked ‘How are you going to choose?  Will it be the best looking…?

It was a good question. In short it was all about How the five would feel together as well as a value judgment on how the five understood and responded to the process also how we felt they would take to the visual and the sound elements.

We together explored the footage to ask ourselves as artists whether they were drawing us in, inviting our enquiry.  We want the portraits to be utterly beguiling and beautiful for their breathing in and out, their gaze, their tics, fidgits, whims, fleeting fancies.  

We’ve now started to work with our 5.  The first takes have been wonderful.  A shift to us realizing the portraits as full body has been a revelation but will also present real challenges in installation. That said we are both feeling proud already. Everything feels right in the art itself.