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Projecting / 2 September 2014

'Black gaffer tape will be your best friend’. Photo ©, Alex May

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We were delighted to be able to work for a day with Alex May - an artist who works with video projection, projection mapping, software programming, interaction, performance, and robotics to explore the boundaries between human perception and digital technologies. A perfect skills match for the new technical challenges presenting themselves.

The key questions we had for Alex were which way up and how to ensure a seamless audience engagement that didn't foul up the artwork? Having decided our portraits would be full body, the dilemma of projecting them and the projector purchase, safety and sustainability was  keeping us both awake at night.

Additionally where would the audience view the work in relation to the projectors, doing what they do best to desired effect ie, would they need to be high up and out of the way or built into the fabric of the room rooted to the floor? With all these considerations, finance, financial viability was of critical concern.  To buy our projectors or not was to dice with the idea that Living Portraiture would and could have a lifespan? 

Technical issues are fascinating and with this project were they a help or a hindrance? We asked ourselves the question, If money was no object , would we do it differently or was and is financial constraint healthy and good for us.  The learning is that we need to think technically-creatively aswell  artistically-creatively. Problem solving IS part of the process and we'll plan for this accordingly in future budgeting.  

As our critical friend and coach for the project, Sarah Pickthall said 'Perhaps employ bouncers to get people to stand appropriately in the space and a nice bank person to give us a little flex!'  Good advice