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Lynn interviews Emily about making the shot / 15 September 2014

What were you thinking in preparation for your portrait today?
I was a bit nervous, as I didn’t know what would come out of it.  So I was practicing in the mirror to see if I noticed what I would be doing.  I noticed that I lick my lips quite a few times, itched my eyebrow and played with my hands a lot. 

What was it like practicing in the mirror? How did it feel?
I don’t know. I guess I got a bit more excited as I was nervous about doing it. So when I got a bit more comfortable with doing it I became more excited.  Its something different, you don’t really do it much.

So when we arrived and we were trying different positions of the camera out and when you are stand there and you are making the portrait, do you thoughts go anywhere? What happens?
I usually just listen. To try and focus on one thing, because I may fidget a lot. So I was focusing on the sound of the crickets and then I could hear the people talking in the distance. Then I sometimes get a bit self-conscious and think about what I am doing.

Do you find yourself thinking about what you are doing whilst you are standing there?
Yes. I notice it as it's not something I usually do. I don’t just stand neutral any of the time. So I realised what little movements I make.

How does it feel to have come to discover those movements?
It’s quite cool because you wouldn’t think you would do it because you don’t really take much notice of yourself when you are just doing your normal, everyday things. So to just stand thinking about doing your one little thing is interesting. 

How does it feel to just simply be there in this place?
Well because I live in the city I don’t see the countryside a lot. So it's nice to just be stood and it’s a nice day as well. It’s just something different. 

What is it like to watch yourself back?
It’s quite weird. I don’t like doing that. It's quite strange because it is just you stood there, there is no one else. Whatever is going on around you, there is just 'you' in the middle.

What do you think it will be like coming to the exhibition and seeing yourself?
I think it will be quite cool, because I have never done everything like this before. So, I will know how it feels to be the star of the show.