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Funny Hearing – Polluting Sound... / 24 September 2014

So we’re very aware you haven’t heard much of the sound yet. So here goes, the silent partner Anya speaks.   

I am so interested in what other people hear and the sounds that by some are deemed irrelevant. As someone who has very different sound filters, I hear pretty much everything that’s there to be heard.

I am always intrigued by what other people’s brains are filtering out and in this instance what our young people are hearing when they take their set of moments, the space they decide they need to have their portrait taken.

In talking to them I’ve been surprised by what they are hearing and what I hear and as an artist I’m conflicted by putting forward what I hear and what they hear. 

Is it to be their perception of sound or mine? And or do I apply sounds and add those in response to what they have shared with Lynn and I and what I think will add to the portrait.  

I’m very conscious not to pollute their sound world, altering too much. Again there is the need to compromise here and stay true to myself as an artist in this respect. 

I'm busy applying the sounds as we speak to create the final pieces and thinking how the sound will sit around the room will be interesting and what's happening with sound at any point in the room at any time. We'll be bringing you some interesting footage of our experiments in sound as we instal in a few weeks time.

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