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Make your own Living Portrait / 2 October 2014

photo of the entry for Living Portraits in the Brighton Photo Fringe catalogue

Living Portraits is an exhibition in The Brighton Photo Fringe

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Lynn and Anya are inviting you to become part of our project by posing for your own Living portrait. 

There are two ways you can be involved. Firstly is to come along to our ‘Experience the Process’ session on Sunday 12th October 1-3pm at Vantage Point (New England Road, Brighton, Brighton BN1 4GW), the BPF hub to meet the artists and pose for the moving image portrait and work with Anya to consider and collect sounds.

You can also make your own Living Portrait at your leisure at a location of your choice, using your mobile phone or any other digital device. Turn the video camera on yourself and pose for as long as you feel comfortable, closing your eyes to mark start and end of your piece.

Upload to your YouTube channel as a response to one of the videos on our YouTube channel:

Tell us what you think about making your own Living Portrait: how does it feel to look at a camera for an extended period of time?  How does it feel to watch it back?  What does it reveal to you? Share your thoughts via our Facebook or twitter.

Happy Living Portrait making...