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Liz Porter has been awarded ACE G4A funding to research and develop ‘Learning to See’. Over the next 6 months Liz will work with a great creative team to explore a myriad of ways to bring the story of her life to ‘life’ through sound, music, film visual arts and creative access.

Learning to Dream!

21 January 2014


action shot of the performer Liz Porter in action, caught raising her arms and with an intense facial expression

It’s absolutely brilliant to be given funding to develop your own creative ideas, exciting yet the responsibility is daunting. I’m fascinated about our life stories and how we choose to tell them and how they interrelate with traditional stories and songs where disability appears (either symbolically, metaphorically or literally) in my case visual impairment. Learning and telling traditional stories is one thing, kind of pretty spontaneous for me really you hear or read the story,...

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