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Paul Darke is an internationally respected academic, writer and cultural critic who has written and created extensively around the issue of identity and culture. As a conceptual artist he works across art forms, bringing new insights and exciting concepts that challenge conventional views of both art and society.

Tuesday 25th March 2008

25 March 2008


Disability Film Festivals should be funded not by the Arts Council but by the Film Council – that is their responsibility. Yet there is little point to any festival unless its constituents are also funded to make films to show in the festivals. The reality is that neither is happening to any great degree and that is a shame on the film culture of the UK. It is as if disabled people cannot be trusted to make anything of originality, wit or intelligence: not that any such requirement is...

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Wednesday 5th March

5 March 2008


I was intrigued by a response to my last blog asking the question of whether or not there was a case for building bigger bridges with mainstream organisations (having been doing this myself in recent times) the problem of being able to maintain our, one’s own, integrity is a difficult indeed. The obvious answer is yes, if you have no integrity to start with (something I am sure I have been accused of in recently). Although I say that flippantly there is an element of truth in it: as...

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