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Paul Darke is an internationally respected academic, writer and cultural critic who has written and created extensively around the issue of identity and culture. As a conceptual artist he works across art forms, bringing new insights and exciting concepts that challenge conventional views of both art and society.

From the heart of England to Finland: Day 6

5 August 2009


Mushrooms on Stall in Stockholm

Paul Darke blogs a day in Stockholm Drove in to the city: it is not far but it was a little hilly from our side to the city side of the island we were staying on. Stockholm is an archipelago: a place of thousands of little islands of varying sizes. We parked by Nationalmuseum (The National Museum) on the waterfront opposite the Royal Palace. The central tourist places are - I think - centred around three intersecting islands. We wandered on to another island - Skepps Holmen where the Moderna...

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From the heart of England to Finland: Day 5

4 August 2009


View of Lake Shore from a cafe

Paul Darke blogs the trip from Copenhagen, Denmark to Stockholm, Sweden We had a long drive ahead of nearly 500 miles. So, we were up early and left Copenhagen at 9am having bought some sandwiches. Having first paid the bill of course. Too much but that is life! The receptionist showed me the route out of the city on the tourist map. We drove into Copenhagen, passed Tivoli Gardens in the car and then directly on the road to Malmo. A new road links Denmark and Sweden. On the Denmark side it is a...

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From the heart of England to Finland: Day 4

3 August 2009


Ramped Walkway within Tower Building in Copenhagen

Paul Darke blogs a day in Copenhagen, Denmark. Having a shower was not too difficult. I put a chair in the room (as it would not fit a wheelchair) and then slide from that on to the loo and had another hosing down whilst on the loo. Ain’t accessible hotel rooms great!   We wandered in to the city of Copenhagen, quite a walk in fact (over 2 miles). It was raining (and would continue to do so for almost the entire day in varying degrees of intensity). But, thankfully, it was warm rain. As...

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From the heart of England to Finland: Day 3

2 August 2009


Handing Baby 'Dummies' from a Tree

Paul Darke blogs the trip from Lubeck, Germany to Copenhagen, Denmark. After a good nights sleep we woke up a little later than usual, throwing myself in a strangely deep bath of the kind only hotels ever have. Sadly we we missed breakfast which, for a change, was included in the bill - €144 for the night in the Movenpick. Having paid we wandered into town and had a quick photo-op in front of the main gate, slanted gatehouse entrance to Lubeck. A fascinating sleeping lion guarded the entrance...

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From the heart of England to Finland: Day 2

1 August 2009


Church Wall Sculpture on External Wall

Paul Darke blogs the trip from Ghent, Belgium to Lubeck, Germany. Woke late and tried to have a shower. In a shower one can only sit in on the edge of a ledge nearer the floor than the seat of a wheelchair. Why should I care if the hotel floods.  Up and out. We took the Motion Disabled sales brochure to S.M.A.K - Gent’s Museum of Contemporary Art. We left the Director and Exhibitions Curator the brochure Simon McKeown had printed for me to drop across Europe. S.M.A.K. was open but we did...

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