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Peter Street's blog covers a variety of publications by the author - the latest being a memoir of his days as a gravedigger in the 1960s. The blog also follows the launch of his fifth poetry volume 'Listening to the Dark', which was published by Penniless Press in August 2012.

The Moon Marble company in Kansas City

28 December 2012


photo of rows of glass jars full of glass marbles with exotic names

The sun was hitting eighty in Kansas City and we had just refreshed our water bottles in the local supermarket. I was touring the States to launch my latest collection published by Penniless Press, 'Listening to the Dark.' After reading my poem about reaching the dizzy heights of local marble champion in my home town of Bolton when I was a youngster, Professor Fred Whitehead could resist giving me a guided tour around The Moon Marble Company, 600 East Front Street, Bonner Springs,...

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