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As part of the Qatar-UK Year of Culture, the British Council are presenting an arts and disability festival featuring work from the Unlimited season, a major element within the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The programme of live performance, visual arts and film includes an exhibition and workshops by disabled visual artist Rachel Gadsden. Tim Hayton, Gadsden's husband and business Partner, who regularly engages with disability art projects, blogs about the trip.

Rachel Gadsden back in Qatar for the Arts and Disability Festival

25 March 2013


A group of women dressed in burkas and a man in white islamic head dress, sit painting with artist Rachel Gadsden outside an art gallery

On the evening of our third day in Bahrain, Rachel creates a live and interactive painting outside the Al Riwak art gallery. At intervals Rachel pauses to talk directly to the audience about her artistic motivations and practice. The event is a huge success, with many attending; and people also stopping in their cars in the road outside the gallery to see what the fuss is all about; and many people from both the local and the ex-pat communities wishing to contribute to the four large 5 foot by...

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