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> > > Simon Raven: Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary

The annual bursary, set up by Shape in memory of sculptor Adam Reynolds supports disabled artists working in visual art. The bursary, one of the most significant commissioning opportunities for disabled artists in the UK, offers an opportunity to engage in a three month residency at a high profile gallery. This year Simon Raven who makes concept-led performances, films and installations is at the Camden Arts Centre, London.

Long time no blog!

21 September 2012


I was thrilled that the 'Ship of Crips' event on the 12th had a good turn out, and that I wasn't canned-off stage following each screening and a short q&a. Our only hitch on the night was that the gallery lifts had stopped working a couple of days before, and despite two engineers being in all day working really hard to try to fix them, they were still broken on the evening of the 12th. as such, I hastily moved some of my stuff from my studio - all spookily lit, with spinning...

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Back to the Jobcentre

2 September 2012


I've now settled into a routine of being resident at Camden Arts Centre, with an open studio (the doors wedged open, people free to come in for a chat) every day the gallery is open. I keep waking up early, and I like getting into work amidst the working - 9-5, and sometimes later, through the weekend too. Maybe it's a bit of a literal approach to being 'resident', but I am planning to make some performances and films out about around Camden soon, including a visit to all the...

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