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> > > Simon Raven: Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary

The annual bursary, set up by Shape in memory of sculptor Adam Reynolds supports disabled artists working in visual art. The bursary, one of the most significant commissioning opportunities for disabled artists in the UK, offers an opportunity to engage in a three month residency at a high profile gallery. This year Simon Raven who makes concept-led performances, films and installations is at the Camden Arts Centre, London.

Artist Update

3 October 2012


image of a man with arms in the air wearing a long coat. The man has no head.

The weather has changed. In addition to working in my room at Camden every day, with the doors and windows open, last week I made a performance for the opening of the two new shows by Eric Bainbridge and Simon Martin (in the main galleries). Feeling like a change, and wanting to continue my practice of mirroring or responding to what is going on in the rest of the building, I decided to clear my room and do a bit of light maintenance (during the new exhibition changeover). I mopped the floors,...

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