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One Word Poetry / 7 August 2012

I'm in London! Staying in an enormous and very beautiful flat for a few weeks, near the Ally Pally. On arrival I went to a nearby pub, the Salisbury, where I'm pretty sure I saw the guy who plays Dr Watson in the new version of Sherlock Holmes, which was exciting.

I've been at CAC three days. The show by Bruce Lacey is super and I recommend a visit - if you like robots, shamanic robes, and a wonderful family history...

I've been in the 'Artist in Residence' studio, where I've started a new 'Pug in Space' painting. It was stuffy indoors today, so I took my paining kit outside and carried on there in the sun, then it started to rain, so I moved into the cafe. That led to an impromptu 'tea party' performance.

Where possible I'm inviting people into my studio to have a chat about the residency, and asking each to contribute in a film I'm making. As part of the past two shows I've made this year, I've asked all the audience to say the same one word to camera, to make a 'one word poem'. Each word relates to the space I'm working in. The first, 'Class', was in an old school.

I was interested in the way that 'class', through its pronunciation, can reveal the class of its orator. The next word, from a show in a hairdressers, was 'Cut', as a film director might say. For CAC, which is sited in an old library, I'm inviting everyone to say 'Shhh'. Quite a few people have contributed so far, and I look forward to building up an archive to screen at the end of the residency