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Artist Update / 3 October 2012

image of a man with arms in the air wearing a long coat. The man has no head.

Simon Raven: Residency at the Camden Arts Centre

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The weather has changed. In addition to working in my room at Camden every day, with the doors and windows open, last week I made a performance for the opening of the two new shows by Eric Bainbridge and Simon Martin (in the main galleries).

Feeling like a change, and wanting to continue my practice of mirroring or responding to what is going on in the rest of the building, I decided to clear my room and do a bit of light maintenance (during the new exhibition changeover). I mopped the floors, painted out a stain, and cleaned the spaces between the old iron radiator slats.

Whilst doing so, I noticed that the radiators are quiet percussive, and being hollow, amplify sound well. I placed a microphone on top of one radiator and found that the amplified sound of running a brush along it resonates and echoes beyond what you might expect. I thought of a piece I read about recently, by artist/musician David Byrne, in which he turned a room into a musical instrument in a similar way.

My idea try to make new work that might fit the sculptural and conceptual emphasis