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Visual Artist Tanya Raabe makes work around the theme of body image. Her blog concentrates on 'Revealing Culture: HeadOn' - an artwork and piece of research exploring identity, disability culture, in contemporary portraiture and the nude.

Liz Carr poses for Tanya Raabe as part of Revealing Culture at Tate Liverpool

19 October 2010


drawing of Liz Carr as she poses for Tanya to draw her

Liz Carr was a brilliant sitter and had great stories to tell about her travels around the world, her ever entertaining life, her family and her wedding plans for this November... good look girl... looking forward to hearing a million and one funny stories... Liz said this about her portrait sitting at Tate Liverpool: "Tanya dragged me up to the Tate Liverpool to do my portrait. As someone who now lives in London, this was initially a little annoying, but as I sat there and Tanya began to...

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