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Visual Artist Tanya Raabe makes work around the theme of body image. Her blog concentrates on 'Revealing Culture: HeadOn' - an artwork and piece of research exploring identity, disability culture, in contemporary portraiture and the nude.

EXTRA EXTRA! Live Portrait sitting Tate Modern

8 September 2011


Launch exhibition solihull arts complex

I Know you've been missing me on DAO! Been busy Launching the exhibition at solihull arts complex that went really well......everyone is loving the artworks. hope youve had time to take a peek. the whole project is on its own blog. and just updated my website with lots of great new films and artworks on from the project. Ceck it out too. If you want to catchup on my work spanning the last 20 yrs...

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Tanya on her recent successes... and Raspberry Ripple

4 February 2011


Raspberry Ripple

I'm totally absorbed by my paintings in my studio, just now, thinking, eating and living colour in lucious oils good enough to eat. Since Christmas I've worked on eight of the new portraits and I'm getting quite excited with the results while getting addicted to Radio 4's Womans Hour, which is the next media show that I'm aspiring to be on. I'm addicted to the afternoon plays and You and Yours with Peter Wight who I would like to paint. Last November he received an Ability Media...

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DaDaFest International 2010 portraits and more...

6 December 2010


tanya draws Sirwillian laurence

I've just had the craziest of times lately... what with doing a live portrait sitting of Sir William Laurence in Wolverhampton art Gallery... and it being filmed by Art Council England as a showcase study soon to be posted on the ACE website. Then being interviewed on BBC's The Culture Show by Mat Fraser posing nude as I created a paint-drawing of him... to being awarded an Ability Media International award 2010 in the Visual Arts... where is it all going? Let me start with Sir William's...

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Liz Carr poses for Tanya Raabe as part of Revealing Culture at Tate Liverpool

19 October 2010


drawing of Liz Carr as she poses for Tanya to draw her

Liz Carr was a brilliant sitter and had great stories to tell about her travels around the world, her ever entertaining life, her family and her wedding plans for this November... good look girl... looking forward to hearing a million and one funny stories... Liz said this about her portrait sitting at Tate Liverpool: "Tanya dragged me up to the Tate Liverpool to do my portrait. As someone who now lives in London, this was initially a little annoying, but as I sat there and Tanya began to...

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