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Visual Artist Tanya Raabe makes work around the theme of body image. Her blog concentrates on 'Revealing Culture: HeadOn' - an artwork and piece of research exploring identity, disability culture, in contemporary portraiture and the nude.

DaDaFest International 2010 portraits and more...

6 December 2010


tanya draws Sirwillian laurence

I've just had the craziest of times lately... what with doing a live portrait sitting of Sir William Laurence in Wolverhampton art Gallery... and it being filmed by Art Council England as a showcase study soon to be posted on the ACE website. Then being interviewed on BBC's The Culture Show by Mat Fraser posing nude as I created a paint-drawing of him... to being awarded an Ability Media International award 2010 in the Visual Arts... where is it all going? Let me start with Sir William's...

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