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Tanya Raabe blogs her Tate Modern sitting with Deb Williams / 25 February 2010

I'm back!!!! been on a bit of a journey... Debs Williams was my next sitting in Tate Modern and she was a brilliant subject with a great disability cultural history to tell.

This included her talking about her storytelling within her theatre company 'Reality Productions' and how she felt about where the female nude sits in art...

Having not previously asked Debs to pose nude for me... I don't know why I didn't ask her.....she says she would have considered it.

It struck us both that when the doors are open for the public to engage with us - that we had in fact created an art exhibit. As you enter the Reality Room there we are the 'Raabe and Sitter' exhibit awaits.

Forgot that it was half term and we were bombarded by young families, foreign students on holiday all wanting to draw us and we even managed to talk about disability art and culture.

Thank you Debs for being a great subject !

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