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As one of DAO's Diverse Perspectives commissions, we've asked John O'Donoghue and Crippen to produce The O’Crypes - a cartoon blog about a family based in Westsea, a seaside town in the south of England.

Episode 4 - This week we hear from Gramps who watches the Olympic opening ceremony with the family

29 July 2012


A frame from Crippen's O'Crypes strip cartoon - Episode 4

Some things never change.  I can still remember when the Olympics were staged here last.  In the midst of Austerity Britain 1948.  Now what have we got?  Austerity Britain 2012. It didn't look like that on Friday night though. I started cringing when the Opening Ceremony kicked off.  Elgar, Jerusalem, maypoles, farm animals, plump rural peasants - it looked like a Country Fair from a bygone age. I was all for switching the telly off then and there. But then it...

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