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Episode 1 - This week Mrs O’Crype introduces her family / 9 July 2012

Crippen's O'Crypes strip cartoon - frame 1 of episode 1

Crippen's O'Crypes strip cartoon - frame 1 of episode 1

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Brad’s been really getting on my nerves. He knows we can’t afford tickets for the Paralympics. He says he wants to see Oscar Pistorius – calls him the Usain Bolt of disabled athletics. Only he doesn’t use the word ‘disabled’. He doesn’t even use the word ‘Paralympics’ – he calls them the ‘Cripalympics’.

I do hate that word – ‘Crip’.
Even if Brad does use it.

I reckon it’s a phase he’s going through – well he’s bound to be moody, ever since his accident. But there’s no need to be rude. I mean look at Mutt – he’s a lovely dog, even though he’s only got three good legs. But you never see him being moody. If anything it’s as if he’s even happier a leg short. Well, you learn to adjust, don’t you?

But I suppose that’s the problem with Brad – he’s having trouble adjusting.

Anyway, Judy’s happy, now this Cultural Olympiad is starting (I must remember that she wants to be called Jood now!). St Awaye’s has invited ex-pupils to take part in a dance show in late July. She loves dancing, does Jood. And she was saying to Brad that with ATOS sponsoring the Paralympics perhaps Brad could write to them and get tickets for the sprint finals.

It’s a funny name, isn’t it, ATOS?

Gramps says it’s ATOS as in ‘I don’t give ATOS,’ but I think they’re all right. Well, they must be if they’re sponsoring the Paralympics. I mean, they must get a lot of money if they’re doing that. I know some people say this government couldn’t run a bath, what with all the U-turns they keep making, but if ATOS have a government contract – well, they must be OK.

Anyway, Jood’s happy. She’s such a lovely girl, and growing up so fast. I thought life would be hard when the doctor at the hospital told me she’d been born with learning difficulties. But she’s a lovely girl.

I’m not sure why some of her benefits have been stopped though. It seemed to happen after we had to go for that assessment with ... now what was their name?

Anyway, I’m excited about the Cultural Olympiad.
A shame about the Paralympics though. Brad would so love to go.
Now – I must write to ATOS.
They sound like a nice lot.

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