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Episode 5 - This week Brad and Nan discuss equality in the Olympics / 6 August 2012

Frame 5 of Crippen's O'Crypes cartoon strip - Blog 5

A frame from Crippen's Blog 5 cartoon strip

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One of Mum's old Premium Bonds came up!

Most people do the Lottery these days but Mum won't have it. She says it's a voluntary tax for the poor. Gramps thinks she's beginning to get some sense ...

Gramps got the Premium Bonds for her ages ago, before I was born, back when he got his redundancy. Not that we're rolling in it - Mum says if she has to rob Peter to pay Paul any more she might have to ask Mary for a loan.

I haven't got a clue what she's on about - I think she's starting to crack up with it all - but with Jood losing her benefits we must be even more skint than usual.

But I managed to persuade Mum to take us all up to London with her winnings.

Britain has been gripped with Olympic Fever - it's as if the Olympic Flame has ignited a nation.

And I want us to be part of it just like everyone else.

But the athlete I'm really interested in isn't British - he's South African. Oscar Pistorius - the fastest man on two blades. Not that we've got any tickets. Mum says it's a scandal, all the empty seats at the events. The way she's going, she might even vote at the next election.

Anyway, Mum said yes. So we all took the train up to London. The usual fuss with ramps and being stuck near the bike rack on the train, but I was too excited to care.

I was going to see Pistorius!

We made a day of it - lunch at the Southbank, then down to Greenwich on a riverboat. We even caught the tail end of the women's marathon when we arrived in London.

Everywhere you went signage and volunteers and spectators were all saying, 'This is the greatest show on Earth'. The city was buzzing.

There was a big screen down in Greenwich and we saw it all. Rowers, cyclists and tennis players getting Gold for Team GB and then Oscar.

And guess what?

He qualified out of his heat! A Crip so fast even the Non-Crips respect him

Team GB might have won all those medals - and it was great to see a Ginger, a Mixed Race Woman, and a Muslim African cheered on by so many people - but for me it was all about Pistorius.

Kirani James of Guyana, who won the 400m semi-final Pistorius ran in the next day,  even swapped name tags with him.

Pistorius - because one day there won't be a seperate Olympics and a Paralympics. It will all just be one Olympic Games, like there are now for men and women!

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