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An hour-long love affair, a pretend date, and a walking performance through the streets of Liverpool, 'How to Fall in Love' has been developed by artist Tim Jeeves and members of the learning disability theatre company RAWD. Follow the company's blog as they talk about the rehearsals...

RAWD and Tim Jeeves - How to Fall in Love (Video Diary Week 3)

6 August 2013


A man and a woman are sat at a table, having a drink together.

Week 3 and performance day is drawing close. Rehearsals have started taking place on site whilst the finale is also nearing completion. Lots of work has been done, but there's lots more still to do! An hour-long love affair, a date, an adventure through the streets of Liverpool. A promenade performance for audience members who don't know each other. 'How to Fall in Love' will take place in Liverpool on Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th August 2012, every 20 minutes from 7pm until...

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